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Capturing the special moments of the day has been our specialty for 20 years. See how we capture the very essence and emotion of your special day!

Many companies call themselves photojournalistic. In truth, a quick review of images shows exactly the opposite.

At Brads Creative Images, we let YOU decide what to call what we do. We let you label it. Some call us fly on the wall, or documentary style, or storytellers. All of which exemplify our approach to capturing the memories of your wedding day. Our images "talk to the viewers" in that you can see and feel the joy and happiness...the real emotions of the day. part of the reason we are so adept at doing so, is our background in actual photojournalism. We've been published thousands of times in all manner of world wide publications. Sports Illustrated, espn, wall st Journal, usa today, Fox Sports, and the list goes on and on. Point is...we don't just talk the talk, we back it up with images that no other company can come close too. Wedding Photojournalism is exactly what we provide at every point along your wedding day. Story Telling, is exactly what we do. We do actually Document your big day. And we do it like no other company in Florida.

Some like to call what we do Documentary style wedding photography, or lifestyle wedding photography, which all stems from a truly photojournalistic, hands off approach to wedding story telling.