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Spectacular Infrareds

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what is infrared photography, and why would I want it at my wedding?

First off, Infrared wedding photography is NOT just some trick of photoshop or post processing. It is, a part of the light spectrum, that the human eye simply can not see. The visible light spectrum is actually huge, and our eyes can only see a small slice of it. From UV light, (which isnt so great for photography) on one end, and the Infrared part on the other (which gets into thermal based imagery), the visible light portion is only a small section that exists between them.

What we do, is modify our camera so it can only see the part of the light spectrum that is just out of the visible section and into the early parts of the IR spectrum. By doing so, we retain the ability to deliver IR images with blue skies still, while also having the option to create deep black and white infrared imagery with dramatic details in the cloud formations and foliage. Odd things can show up in the IR spectrum...tatoo's for example take on a much bolder appearance in infrared, as the skin becomes somewhat translucent. Sunglass lenses often become transparent or nearly so. Leaves appear white, water black, etc etc.

Most photographers who have tried it can not achieve the results we do, thru our years of experience shooting infrared images for weddings, we've been able to nail the process down to a science. A favorite of many of our wedding couples, we see them choose from the infrared images taken on their wedding day, for their wedding album cover, or on their walls via our signature fine art wall pieces, or to give away as gift prints. All due to the tremendous wow factor that our infrared wedding images tend to illicit.

How will you remember your day?

Relax.....we got this.

Let us create that wow factor at your wedding!

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