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What you are looking at here, is the "little black book" this beautiful young lady gave to her hubby on their wedding day. One of the best things we see come out of a session like this is just how empowered the subject feels! This is totally a boost to the self esteem and its power should not be underestimated.
Every woman should do a session like this as it really enhances their view of themselves. Of course each woman has her own levels of comfort, and of course that is reflected in their wardrobe choices. Some are more shy than others, but regardless, it's a great way to honor the beauty within every woman.

I know, I know, I'm a man. But to be honest, if you look at boudoir images, you'll notice that the gender of the shooter...or the subject, really doesnt matter. Although I must say that often you can tell when the images are shot by a man as they have a certain feel, that's hard to explain that typically a woman photographer does not capture. You'll find the same true of swimwear models, as most of the photographers in that genre are male. Either can do the job well. Let us know if an intimate boudoir session sounds like fun, and we'll help you put it together. Usually its kind of a mini party as the subject often has her best friend (s) there to help get them ready in various outfits, and that always leads to loads of fun, giggles and some great pix.

Boudoir sessions on the treasure coast are often done at our subjects home, but alternate locations can be even more fun. A boudoir session at a bed and breakfast or hotel can be fantastic as well. Certain times of year, tide permitting, these can even be done on the beach or out on location wherever your heart desires. The sky is the limit.

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