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I just got married, so how can i find my wedding images online?

Congratulations! I know you've had a rollercoaster ride full of stress and emotion all culminating in your big day.  Now that day has come and passed and you are excited to see your wedding photos online!  Great!

Your fully edited wedding will be online typically in approximately 48 hours.  So, if you got married on Saturday, and Brad was your photographer (not a staff photographer), your wedding should be online Monday.  For those who used our staff photographers, it takes an extra day or so since we of course have to actually get the images from them. 

Either way, your next steps are right here for you.  We made a short video tutorial that will show you exactly where to go and what to do.

In case thats not working.  Just go to our website, choose blog, and your wedding will likely be the first one up.

If you look over on the right hand side (on a desktop), you'll also find a little thumbnail image from your wedding.  If you click on that, it will take you straight to your complete wedding gallery.

Or click here to go directly to the gallery site itself

Downloading your images

Again, as shown in the video above.  Navigate to the full gallery.  Simply click on any image to make it larger.  Find the download icon above that image, and click on it.  Choose "Download all Originals" and enter your password.  If you don't remember your password shoot me a text.  Or if the download icon does not appear, again, shoot me a text, I may have to reset the gallery properties to allow downloading.  

We Love hearing from you on how we did at your wedding.  Please feel free to show us some love using the review us button below.  If for any reason you don't feel we earned all 5 stars...please, give us a call, and let us do whatever we have to do to change that!  We work tirelessly to give you the best images anywhere.
Rather than have reviews all over the place, we've consolidated the process to just wedding wire, so its quick, easy and painless for you to help us spread the word!  Thanks so much!

Please use the pink link below to go directly to the review us page

Super easy right?  Anyway let us know if you need anything at all!


How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.  Really, we do!

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