Fantastic Florida Wedding photographer from The House of Refuge
A Beach Engagement Session Portrait
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Fantastic Florida Wedding photographer from The House of Refuge
Sunset Engagement Session Images on the Beach
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Sunset Engagement Sessions @ the House of Refuge Stuart
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Fantastic Florida Wedding photographer from The House of Refuge
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Cool Engagement Session Images
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engagement session photography is one of our specialties.  We take your e-session very seriously, and always treat it just like the portrait section that's gonna happen at your wedding.   Nice thing is, we have more time to play during your engagement session.  We keep our engagement sessions fun, and light, and fast paced, as we understand that "being photographed" may not be the favorite thing for you to do. (especially our grooms).  That's ok.  In fact, most of our grooms find that after one of our fun filled engagement sessions, they are way more relaxed on their wedding day once they realize it's not gonna be this ordeal, and really its kinda fun.  Won't take all day, and the images from it really are amazing. 

We can do your engagement session photography really anywhere you like.  Often our couples choose to do their e-session at one of our local beaches, like the House of Refuge.  That's great and one of our favorite locations in fact.  But we can do them almost anywhere, from an urban downtown setting for a completely different look, to your favorite horse farm, for another completely different romantic engagement session idea. Great engagement session ideas are all around us.  They can be country themed engagement sessions, or even on a local ball park.  The sky is the limit. 

Figure it'll take about 45 minutes for the shoot.  Normally our engagement sessions take place in the final hour of daylight, so if there is a sunset, we are right there to take advantage of it.  But don't worry, if the sunset they can, we'll already have captured an amazing set of engagement session images for you.  The sunsets, when they happen, are simply a bonus.

Not only a great way to get to know each other, but an amazing set of images you will treasure for ever, and can use for Save the Date cards, Table Seating Cards, Guest Sign in Books, and of course wall art and fine art portraits.

Trash the Dress sessions are also a great way to have a super fun photo session in your wedding dress.  Typically we do these in places you'd never go on your wedding day for fear of getting dirty.  but, on a TTD session, you WANT to get dirty, wet, muddy, etc etc.  The more dirty the more fun.  Lots of couples want to frolic in the surf for example.  Call us today to set up your Trash the Dress session!

How will you remember your day?  

Relax.....we got this.

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