E-Session Images on the Beach
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E-Session Images on the Beach

June 17 2013: engagement session images taken at The House of Refuge in Stuart, Florida.  this extreme low angle portrait taken through the sea grasses with the House of Refuge and palm trees in the background illustrate the many ways we take engagement session photography to the next level.  Here the couple is lit using off camera lighting to the right, which allows them to stand out and not appear in shadows as the sun is coming from the left.  It also allows the skies to remain nice an blue.  Most photographers would have shot this using natural light only, in which case, in order to get the faces correctly exposed would have caused the sky to blow out to white and no detail at all.  By Augmenting the available light engagement shots with our off camera lighting, the resulting image appears more closely matching the way the human eye would see this scene.  By using an extreme low angle, not only are the distracting beachgoers removed, bu the focus is much stronger on our couple.  Little things like this make BCI the leading wedding and portrait photographer in the area.

Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr,

Brads Creative Images photography


Location: The House of Refuge.