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The Question everyone is always asking is: "how much is it?

The Answer, just isn't as simple as you'd think.

Heres why. Image quality varies so much. Photographer experience varies so much, Photographer talent...omg...is all over the map. Lighting methods again, vary by significant degrees. Then of course, the "Whats included" part, is once again kinda hidden in most cases.

So to clear that all up, Lets begin.

First off, as you can see, our image quality is simply on another level from most companies. Our lighting, again, is significantly superior. We have 25+ years of experience, so all that'd kind of a given commodity with us.

Most companies, are gonna charge you a "session fee". And thats fine, we used to do things that way to. It's there to cover the time an talent and expenses of the actual photo session.

Now, is where they have you. If they had any talent, they now hold a group of image they know you want. But now, you have to come get sold to. After a great review either on a big screen or not, you get to whip out your wallet and pay. Either for digital files or prints or other products, you have to pay the photographers prices for the things you want. Save the date cards, albums, prints, whatever. often this can get you above 1000.00 real fast. Problem is, you thought it was only gonna cost you XXX and it ends up YYYYY.

We don't feel right using that emotional selling technique on our clients. Yes, it works. No, it doesn't leave a nice taste in the clients mouth when its all over however. You know....how much stuff costs. Most of these products are now marketed and sold to you directly. So forcing you to pay the photographers marked up prices...well thats not so fair.

Now, when you hire us, the one fee, includes not only our time and talent, but now it includes a full edited group of images delivered to you via digital download, that you are now free to go have printed wherever you want, and pay real prices not ridiculously marked up ones. Its just a more equitable solution to this business, one that's entirely more fair.

Most of our portrait sessions will be one price that is typically about half what you'll end up spending if you do it the "old way". AND you'll get many times the images most will provide. Often 100-200 images are not uncommon.

(if you really wanna do it the traditional way, no problem we can do that as well)

Our on location Portrait Sessions include all our dynamic lighting, and we also bring an assistant to handle that lighting.

Traditional Portrait Sitting fees from $299.00. And then you can purchase whatever you like during our ordering session.


Our new NextGen Portrait session including all the digital images starts at just $499.00, and you get them all, and can print what you want, share what you want without paying marked up prices.

Kinda makes sense right?

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this. Really, we do!

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