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How we do such quick turnaround

 Your fully edited wedding;

shot on Saturday will typically be online Monday or Tuesday. 

 this is how we do that.

We get lots of questions regarding our turn around time on our wedding images.   Folks often say, how can you do that so fast?  In reality, to us, that isn't really "that fast".  There is only so much you (anyone) can do to a picture, even if they screw it up when they took it.  Using today's available editing software, the process is really not that long.  A few things we do....really help however. 

First, we shoot in camera at a much higher level, so straight out of our camera, its already better than most companies finished image.  Getting in right in camera, means far less "fixing it in photoshop" later.

Second, and this goes with #1, our lighting, really makes the difference. Especially outdoor, and during the reception.  These areas are where most photographers really struggle.  This shot for example would be totally impossible to accomplish using natural light alone.  The camera just can't "see" both light levels present here (sky and subject).  Using natural light, you can choose one or the other.  But here, we've supplemented the natural light naturally falling on our subjects (who were in fact in shadow from the sun to the left rear) by adding a bit of our own from the right to match the light level to that of the sky.  Wedding First Dance upon the Beach

Or here, in the reception, where most photographers really struggle to "get it right", we already have it right for the whole room and can now go looking to "make it fantastic" by hunting the best expressions and moments

Bridal Party Dance Pictures from local weddings

 For us, these are our bread and butter, and some of what sets us apart.  Natural light "can be" fantastic.  But mostly it's just not as good, as when we Augment that existing light with some of our own.  Ever notice when you go to a studio, they dont use one light?  Of course not.  They use 2-4 lights always.  Similarly, we do the same, even outdoors on location. No other company provides this level of lighting outdoors.  By utilizing the best available light, with the professional portrait lighting that we bring, we create images rather than simply "taking them".  Skies remain their beautiful blue....You can see the color in the ocean, (you paid so much to have your wedding in front of).  How?  Well the camera can't "see" like the human eye, which can easily see both facial details and the much brighter sky, water, background ect.  So the natural light only photographer must choose which one to expose correctly....skies or faces.  Hopefully they at least got the faces right. But in doing so, they blew out the details in the sky and water.  No bueno.  Using our methods, we bring the exposure levels of our couple, to match the surrounding existing light thereby rendering a scene exactly as the eye would view it. 

Thirdly, and this is where most photographers fail.  We simply get our work done.  We don't put your wedding off so we can go do something more fun.  Thats it.  Its really that simple. Even if they/we outsource the photo editing....the companies that do that turn it around in 48hrs.  There is absolutely no reason for it to take longer than a week.  Period.  We still see photogs with 6 week turnarounds.  That is just unconscionable these days.  It's only cause they are lazy, and dont get started until the last minute. But don't take our word for it.  Hop on our BLOG and look at the dates...we do it this efficiently every wedding.

Fourth,  This is all we do.  We aren't weekend warriors who have to go to our real job on Monday morning.  YOU are our "real job".  And we treat you as if our career depended on it.....cause it does.  We have several hundred thousand images online, with no passwords to hide behind.  Feel free to see just how consistent our work has been for the last 10yrs or so online right here for you.

We do our work first, and play later.  (which is why you'll find me on the golf course on Wednesday).  That's MY weekend.  And I can do it with a good conscience as I know....all my work is done.  

WE still do the very best photo editing available, and we do it ourselves, and we have it done efficiently.  Every time.  

Kinda makes sense right?   

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.  Really, we do!

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