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Amazing Wedding Photos from {locaton} in Hutchinson Island Florida.
Florida Beach Wedding Portrait through antique doors
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Wedding First Dance upon the Beach
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Amazing Wedding Photos from The Pt St Lucie Botanical Gardens in Pt St Lucie Florida.
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Private Dance in Gazebo in Oil Painting like rendition.

Our romantic portraits are unlike any other. The key interaction we show is between you and your partner, not between you and the photographer.

That key fundamental difference is why our romantic wedding portraits show the love, romance, affection and joy so much more than most. Our soft handed approach to posing, looks more natural...more comfortable, more real because it is just that. More real. We'd rather you be looking into your partners eyes, than into ours.

The Romantic wedding portrait, is perhaps, the most important part of your day. Typically it is from this small part of the day, that we create the images that you will utilize the most for wall art, for the album cover, for the thank you cards, and of course the ones you'll share the most on social media. You might call them the "money shots". Take a good look at our Wedding portraits for a while, and you'll start to see what we mean. You'll see the love evident between our couples. You'll also start to notice, that the lighting on each of them is amazing. Some things can be captured using only natural light. but often, that natural light can be augmented a bit and turn a good image into a spectacular one. Creating a wedding portrait that you'd proudly display on the walls of your home for decades to come. gone are racoon eyes. gone are blown out skies. You paid good money to be at the location you chose, shouldn't you actually be able to see the ocean? Don't you want to remember that crystal blue skies? Well, sadly you can't do that with just natural light. In order for the camera sensor to "see both" faces and skies like the human eye, your photographer must add light to match the skies. Our dynamic and portable lighting allows us to do just that. To create an image, that not only captures the entirety of your emotions, but the entirety of the scene as well. Blue water...puffy clouds...and big blue eyes too.

Spend some time in this gallery and note our dynamically lit professional romantic wedding portraits for yourself. Then give us a call and let us create the wedding day portraits you've always dreamed of

How will you remember your day?

Relax.....we got this.

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