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Amazing wedding romantic wedding photographers near me

A fantastic romantic wedding portrait is what every bride is looking for us to create. We love the low angle here which created a super clean sky only background, and also eliminated the somewhat cluttered look of the homes on the other side of the hill.

This wedding took place at the willoughby golf club in stuart florida, and is another great example of our professional on location lighting set up we bring to every wedding. With deft handling we match the exposure levels of the sky and background by augmenting the existing light with our own portrait lighting creating a perfectly balanced portrait, that "looks" like a natural light shot, only better

Another point often lost, is that every shot need not have the couple looking into the camera lens. In fact we prefer it that way. Ideally, they will either be looking at each other, or as in this shot, into the frame which draws the viewer into the shot and creates a sense of wonder at what they might actually be staring at.

We also love the physical connection between them. Often neglected, that physical contact with the hands really ties the couple together and is something often overlooked by wedding photographers during these romantic wedding photo sessions that typically are rushed by the wedding planners and dj's who just dont realize the importance of this 30 minute block of time (if that).

this type of shot, simply can not be accomplished by using natural light alone. The camera simply can not see as the human eye can, correctly exposing both the bright blue sky behind and the beautiful wedding couple. There is not enough dynamic range. The only way to produce this shot so it matches the way your eye sees it, is to augment the existing natural light with our professional outdoor portrait lighting. By carefully matching the exposure values of the bride and groom with those of the sky and background, now it appears just like we "saw" it with our own eyes.

Folks ask all the time whats the biggest difference between photographers. The answer is easy, its in the way we handle the light.

Anyone can "take" a snapshot of a great scene in front of them. That takes zero talent. However, only a few can create a true photograph. George Eastman said that decades ago. (founder of Eastman Kodak) And it still rings true today. Brides should take a good hard look at the outdoor images of any photographer to be considered. What do you see? Blank white blown out skies? No detail, the Ocean blown out? Or all that correct but the subjects completely dark (you know like your iphone shots). Or....are they carefully lit such that you really might not even notice they have been lit? Do they look like natural light...only better? That's when you know you have it right. when it looks like this one...natural only....better.

We take capturing your romantic wedding portraits very seriously, and in fact this is our absolute favorite part of your wedding day. Sadly, it also seems to be the one place during your day that wedding planners and coordinators fail to allow enough time for when creating an effective timeline. Or, even worse…trying to cut out on the wedding day in order to catch up from the earlier parts of the day running behind. We HIGHLY recommend, building in a little extra time along the way to avoid this, and to allow you enough time to capture these most important and memorable images without being unduly rushed.

Also, it’s during this 30 minutes or so, where most photographers really struggle. A lot of the time these are done outdoors. Which means, either they blow out the skies to get the faces right…or worse. This however, is where we shine. We are experts at using not only natural light for all its worth, but also supremely adept at augmenting the existing light with our dynamic outdoor portable lighting which allows us to create imagery that mirrors the way the eye sees. So that means not only will the two of you be exposed properly, but you’ll also find the background, skies, water, clouds all look just as they did on your wedding day (or even better)! This is only achievable by using off camera lighting techniques that allow us to balance the natural light with our own. The resulting images are simply and completely superior to those possible by most studios. You deserve better. That’s why you are here.

When we create your wedding album design, typically the most space in the album, and of course the album cover itself are going to come from this part of the days shooting.. To us, your wedding album should flow and tell the story of your day. As such, following the detail page, the order of events will follow the same order in the book as it occurred throughout your day.

Some of the major wedding day themes may be:

Bride getting ready usually 2-3 spreads

Brides portraits

Bride and the girls messing around

Groom getting ready

Grooms portraits

Grooms and the guys messing around

First Look

Down the aisle

Your Ceremony itself may be 2-5 spreads

Bride and Groom formals

Bridal Party Formals in various combinations

Brides side of the family formals

Grooms side of the family formals

Fun with the bridal party pix

Romantic portraits with the bride and groom, may be 2 -5 spreads

Reception details


First Dance

Parents dances


Cake cutting

Bouquet and Garter toss

Dancing and partying of course!

Closing dances

Exit and bon voyage!

As you can see that becomes a long list very quickly. Which is why we recommend adding as many pages to your album as you can so we can let your images have the real estate to do them justice in the album, and not make it too crammed so it ends up looking like a scrap book. (just kidding it would never do that) but you get the idea…some of the stronger images are best served by themselves while others can be combined quite naturally for a very effective story telling album design. You may want to check out our Featured Weddings section. What you see there, is the actual wedding album page designs for those couples. That way you can really get the idea of just what your album design will resemble.

Kinda makes sense right?

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this. Really, we do!

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