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BCI Staff Photographer Options

You have two options for your lead photographer artist at Brads Creative Images Photography.  The first is somewhat obvious, you can opt to have Brad shoot your wedding of course and is the most popular option.  But we do offer the option of having a staff photographer shoot your wedding.  This  is a great option should Brad already be booked on your day.  It's also a slightly less expensive option for those on a tighter budget.   

We are very lucky to have found someone that we can absolutely count on to represent BCI when Brad can't be there.  Our staff photographer Nathan, is fantastic.  Both in his imagery and his people skills.  Bottom line, our clients just love working with Nathan!  

Really the only thing that ends up being different, is its just a different person behind the camera that day.  The results are very similar. In fact most of the processing and the album designs are still done by Brad.  This ensures a great level of continuity in the aesthetic output between the two.  

It should be noted, that there are a couple things that are exclusive to Brad's coverage however.  First, is the live slideshow during your reception.  That is something only Brad does, and is beyond the scope of what we request of our staff.  Similarly, the use of Infrared imagery is something that Brad has developed over the years, and he remains one of the only photographers in Florida that truly does Infrared right, so we don't ask our staff photographers to "try" to do IR either.   Brad is a master at it, and very familiar with its unique shooting requirements, so if you love our Infrared wedding imagery, you'll need to be sure to get Brad to be your photographer.  

Also, somewhat obviously, but we'll state it here for you; it takes an extra day or so for us to receive the images from our staff photographer so our normal posting time of the "Monday following your wedding" will probably be more like the "Wednesday following your wedding", which still blows the socks off all other wedding photography companies in Florida and beyond.  If you wanna read how we can do that every week, just click HERE

The work shown on this site is almost 100% Brad's...or Brad's assistants.  To see work from our staff photographer, it's really easy.  On our BLOG, just type in"staff photographer" in the search box, and it'll bring up lots of weddings shot by our staff photographers. Also, you'll find that we state right on the blog post title or on the gallery titles in our client area, that the wedding was shot by our staff photographers.  

(if it doesn't say anything, that means Brad shot it)

 That way, you aren't looking at hand picked examples, but rather you are looking at real weddings. Which of course is much better anyway.  In fact you can use that same search box feature, to see weddings shot at "your venue" as well, simply by typing that Venue Name, into the search box.  The results will show you just how consistent the level of imagery is here at Brads Creative Images.  We LOVE for you to see our reality.  You'll notice our real wedding work looks exactly like our hand picked samples.  Which is why we don't hide behind passwords.  WE want you to see our reality.  

Kinda makes you wonder why most other companies deny you that access doesn't it?  Fact is, most other companies real work looks nothing like their handpicked samples, and in our minds, that's just not fair to you.

Best predictor of future performance has always been your past work.  Please....Feel free to check out ours.....

Kinda makes sense right?   

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.  Really, we do!

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