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What to look for in choosing a wedding photographer

How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task.  Here are just a few things to look for, and some questions to ask any and all potential wedding photographers you are considering for your wedding.

Remember, you only get one chance to get it right, and after all is said and done, the cakes been eaten, the party's over.  The ONLY thing you'll have left is what your photographer captured.  For better or worse.  Sorry for the pun, but it's actually very accurate.  Most brides don't fully realize the impact that the photography plays on your wedding until its over.  By then of course it's far to late. And you are either elated, or stuck with what they gave you.

The number one killer of wedding photos

Having your "friend with a camera" shoot your wedding. Please.....Please......Do NOT have a friend do this.  It takes far more than a decent camera.  Just because someone takes decent shots of their cat, does NOT make them a wedding photographer.  This is the number one cause of poor wedding photography.  Hire the best professional you can afford. (go search the knot's wedding boards to see just how often this one had ruined weddings for other brides.  Please...even if you don't hire us. Don't do this one.

Ok, so lets assume we talked you out of that one, or you had enough sense to not have even considered it in the first place.  whats next?

  1. Always look at real weddings.  Not just hand picked samples.  If the person you are considering is not willing to do that, just walk away.  Demand to see complete real weddings. 
  2. find a photographer that does this full time.  Sounds silly, but a pt photographer has another career.  That career is and will always be their number one priority.  A true Full time wedding professional puts you as their priority. YOU feed their family, and pay their mortgage.  Makes sense their level of commitment is so much higher.
  3. find a photographer that has a real website, not just a facebook page.  Again this speaks volumes to their level of professionalism and commitment to their craft.
  4. only use a photographer that is fully insured, licensed, and has back up equipment on hand.  Pro's bring back up everything.  There is no excuse for not having insurance. It is for YOUR protection as well as theirs.
  5. Find a photographer that has been doing this for some time.  Only through years of experience does this job become second nature.  You don't want someone finding their way, you want someone who's been there and done that time and again.  Common sense right?
  6. Lighting.  This is a biggie.  Natural light only sounds great, until you realize that you have no control over the weather that day.  Nor do you have any control over the reception venue's lighting.  Remember, EVERY photographer started out as natural light only.  EVERY photographer that does great lighting can/does also shoot natural light images, BUT....they can also augment that lighting whenever called for.  This is vital outdoors.  The camera simply can not see the way your eyes do.  A natural light only shooter, can only expose for one level of light.  Which is why you see blown out white skies on the majority of the outdoor shots of natural light only photographers.  If you actually want to see the blue skies...or the detail in the ocean you paid to be near, the photographer must be skilled in using lighting. images like these below simply can not be accomplished using natural light only.  We are masters at on location lighting.

    Wedding First Dance upon the Beach  Florida Wedding Images at PGA Golf Club   Best wedding photographers in West Palm Beach Area
  7. find a photographer that does not charge by the hour.  You don't want to have to cut your cake early (like I had to), just so the photographer can leave.  If you have a good dj, they are gonna end the night with some sort of emotional last dance ceremony or sparkler exit or similar.  Why in the world would you not want coverage of that?  It's all a part of your wedding story.  You shouldn't have to pay extra to tell your complete story.  Some try to look cheaper than they are by offering a 4 hour package that they know full well is not sufficient to do the job correctly.  Don't fall for it.
  8. Find out how long it'll be before you get your images and or album.  There is no reason for editing to take multiple weeks.  Frankly, there is only so much you can "do" to any image, even if the photographer screws it up.  Todays editing software has made this process straightforward and painless.  The ONLY reason....for slow turnaround is poor workflow habits.  iow, they put off doing your editing.  (or they simply dont know how to edit).  We simply get our work done before we go do something else.  (another way that you suffer if your photographer is pt and has to go to their "real job" on monday.  They just never get around to your wedding pictures.
  9. high resolution files should be included.  Most do this these days, but some still do not.  That is unacceptable, as you'll be tied to them for any and all print or digital products after the wedding.

  10. find a photographer that is prompt in their communications with you.  If they are slow getting back to you now, do you really think that is gonna improve once they have your money?
  11. Find a photographer that dresses and acts in a professional manner.  We see photo and video teams out there all the time who show up in flip flops, jeans, t shirts etc to weddings.  That just isn't professional, and shows a lack of respect for the gravity of your wedding day.
  12. Find a photographer that demonstrates they are interested not just in the picture taking part, but in fact are a genuine wedding professional, who is ready to help out in all aspects of the event. Knowing what the DJ has to do, what the caterer has to do etc etc, all help in making your day go smoothly and stress free.  for example, if the photographer keeps you out in the heat for extended photo sessions....your Prime Rib is gonna be way over done, and the intros rushed by the dj, all because your photographer did not heed the timeline, and realize his failure to do so impacted the wedding in several different ways.

This is just a partial list of course, but you can see there is a lot more to being a PRO than simply having a camera and taking "nice shots".  your wedding isn't the place to learn.  It's the place for the pro's to do their craft to capture the wedding of YOUR lifetime.

Our goal, is to deliver to you the best wedding images you have ever seen. Period.

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.  Really, we do!

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