Bride and Groom stroll down the beach in Florida.
Romantic Portraits

Bride and Groom stroll down the beach in Florida.

This image shows the magic moments immediately following our wedding couples nuptials as they enjoy a private stroll down the beach at  The Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa in Jupiter, Florida.

As The bride and groom walk hand in hand down the beach in this romantic portrait, we are photographing them from afar, but, in order to make they actually stand out, we have added some light from the right side which totally makes the brides face pop.  While this shot could be taken using natural light only, in order to get the faces correctly exposed, the skies would appear blown out totally white and most of the color in the ocean as well.  By bringing the light falling on them up to the same level as the skies, they appear "natural" as this is exactly the way the human eye can see this same romantic scene.

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