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House of Refuge Engagement Session Photographers

An engagement session at the house of Refuge on Hutchinson Island, Florida.  Illustrates here how the use of off camera lighting techniques can draw the viewers eyes right to the bride to be which is a very powerful tool in image making. The House of Refuge is a very popular locale for having an engagement session as the west side of the road, features a host of riverside and sunset photo options not found on the traditional beach side (East) of the property.  Parking is limited so get there early.

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Engagement sessions are something we really cherish getting the chance to do.Not only, are we able to create some incredible images, without the crazy time constraints of the wedding day, but we actually get to know you both.Often the guys kinda dread being “photographed” so these sessions really put them at ease with us, once they realize that it isn’t an ordeal at all, and actually kinda fun.We aren’t gonna nit pick every little detail, but rather let you guys be yourself.Interact with each other, not have a cheesy smile in every shot.For us, its really all about you guys being….well….you guys!

There are also so many things you can do with these images.The obvious ones like save the date cards and invitations of course, but things you may not have thought of…like Christmas cards?How many great pix do you have on hand when its the holiday time?Or more in line with the wedding, maybe a laptop skin, (yes we can do that).Or a guest sign in book that you’ll actually want to keep!Your collection of engagement session images will provide more than enough great shots to do all of those things and much more.Think outside the box!Signature mats, sheets, boards are very popular. We can do self adhesive prints (like a fathead) that can be applied (and removed) from the walls, floors, countertops, even cars and windows.The possibilities are just endless.

Party favors and gifts for your bridal party and guests also are great ways to utilize your fantastic engagement session pictures.

Where should I have my engagement session you ask?Thats easy.Anywhere you want!We do lots of them at the common places like the House of Refuge in Stuart, or Indian Riverside Park.But really, the possibilities are endless here as well.Like horses?Great lets do em on your farm.Play ball?No worries lets use a ball park. Golfers….thats easy, lets go!

Why not join usand have a super fun e-session with you and we’ll guarantee you’ll have fun too and end up with some dynamite images you’ll just love finding ways to put to good use!

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.  Really, we do!

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