IR wedding Images at St Lucie Trail Golf Club
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IR wedding Images at St Lucie Trail Golf Club

This is one of our infrared images of the wedding ceremony site prior to the wedding.  taken at The St Lucie Trail Golf Club in Port St Lucie, Florida.

St Lucie Trail, formerly known as PGA Country club is a great wedding venue and an excellent value.  As you can see the views are magnificent.  

Infrared captures are accomplished by using a custom modified Camera which is then able to see into the infrared part of the light spectrum.  They are not just a photoshop trick, although we can do a lot of different looks simply by altering the way in which we process them.  Here the color channels have been switched, which allows for the skies to remain their true blue.  Infrared wedding images tend to look their best in daylight, and the inclusion of elements such as trees, foliage, water and clouds all make for stronger ir images, due to the way these all reflect infrared light differently than visible light captures do.  Our clients often select their album covers, thank you card images, and wall art images from the set of infrared images captured during their wedding.  With tons of wow factor they really set themselves apart.  

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