First Look without seeing each other turns into magic
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First Look without seeing each other turns into magic

This shot of a bride and groom enjoying a first look (without looking) turned into a pure magic emotional wedding moment we were overjoyed to capture before their wedding ceremony.  

Typically, these are fairly "contrived moments".  Often brought on by an overwhelming pinterest addiction it seems.  But occasionally...out of those otherwise staged moments, a real, genuine moment shines thru just as it did here.  As our groom felt the emotion of the situation come crashing on him he wept, when the bride realized what was happening on the other side of the door, her expression of love just came forth instantly, allowing us to catch two beautiful moments, one on each side, that we never could have planned for. what its all about.

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 Brad Barr / Brads Creative Images

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 taken at The Jupiter Civic Center in Jupiter, Florida..Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr, BCIPHOTO.COM