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Hot Beach Wedding Ceremony Images

This shot features the image of the beach wedding ceremony reflected in the sunglasses of one of the guests.  We often look for small details and stuff other photographers just miss.  This is always one of our favorite things to look for at any beach wedding, as it creates such a strong and unique wedding picture that always has a lot of wow factor in it.  (of course sometimes the subject gets a kick out of us shooting that close up of their sunglasses too!).

Strong in black and white or color, we chose the color rendition here with the vibrant blues of the ocean really making it pop.

This shot was taken at The Courtyard Marriott in Jensen Beach, Florida.  Which is a great little venue for smaller weddings on the beach.  Also a very affordable beach wedding option to consider, and of course all your wedding guests can stay right on property making it an outstanding choice for destination weddings in florida as well.  

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 Brad Barr / Brads Creative Images