Incredible Wedding Reception First Dance shots
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Incredible Wedding Reception First Dance shots

Fantastic wedding first dance image featuring the bride being held overhead by the groom at the Four Seasons Disney Resort in Orlando Florida

Here you can see the groom lift his new bride during their first dance celebration.  Also another great example of the use of professional grade off camera lighting to ensure that every exposure is perfect even in a darkened  room like your wedding reception. This allows us to concentrate fully on capturing the moment, without concern for it being correctly exposed.  No other company does reception coverage quite the same way, and end up fighting to get the exposure correct all night long.  We look to get the great shots, while they look to find the right exposure.  Huge difference in the resulting images.  

If you are a photographer and want to learn off camera lighting techniques so you can make shots like this simple, give us a call, as we do lighting seminars and tutoring as well.  Let us show you how!

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