Wedding party pictures taken on the Treasure Coast
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Wedding party pictures taken on the Treasure Coast

April 30, 2016. The Florida Wedding of Clara & Joe at The Santa Lucia Riverclub at Ballantrae in Pt St Lucie, Florida. One of the most picturesque venues in the area and also one of if not the best values in all of florida.

Here you can see the groom and his mother and friends really getting down during their wedding reception celebration. Another great example of the use of professional grade off camera lighting to ensure that every exposure is perfect even in a darkened room like your wedding reception. This allows us to concentrate fully on capturing the moment, without concern for it being correctly exposed. No other company does reception coverage quite the same way, and end up fighting to get the exposure correct all night long. We look to get the great shots, while they look to find the right exposure. Huge difference in the resulting images.

If you are a photographer and want to learn off camera lighting techniques so you can make shots like this simple, give us a call, as we do lighting seminars and tutoring as well. Let us show you how!

how will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.

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Naturally the wedding ceremony itself is the highlight of the day. No wedding coverage would be complete without it. But, we raise this to an art form. By seeking out moments, seeking out angles others simply overlook, use tactics and equipment others only dream of; we bring every bride the absolute finest looks at her grand wedding ceremony. From wide to close up. Intimate, to hilarious. We capture it all. That look your dad gave you as you caught his eye as you walk down the aisle, to the tiny smirk your fiancé gives you moments before dad hands you over. Don’t miss a thing. Thats our credo.

Take a look at our galleries and you’ll quickly see just what we mean with our catch phrase:

How will you remember your day?

Relax…..we’ve got this.

Once we have all the images, we of course will deliver them in an incredible wedding album, that features your day as it happened. Typically, arranged into each of the major themes for the days events such as shown below.

Some of the major wedding day themes may be:

Bride getting ready usually 2-3 spreads

Brides portraits

Bride and the girls messing around

Groom getting ready

Grooms portraits

Grooms and the guys messing around

First Look

Down the aisle

Your Ceremony itself may be 2-5 spreads

Bride and Groom formals

Bridal Party Formals in various combinations

Brides side of the family formals

Grooms side of the family formals

Fun with the bridal party pix

Romantic portraits with the bride and groom, may be 2 -5 spreads

Reception details


First Dance

Parents dances


Cake cutting

Bouquet and Garter toss

Dancing and partying of course!

Closing dances

Exit and bon voyage!

As you can see that becomes a long list very quickly. Which is why we recommend adding as many pages to your album as you can so we can let your images have the real estate to do them justice in the album, and not make it too crammed so it ends up looking like a scrap book. (just kidding it would never do that) but you get the idea…some of the stronger images are best served by themselves while others can be combined quite naturally for a very effective story telling album design. You may want to check out our Featured Weddings section. What you see there, is the actual wedding album page designs for those couples. That way you can really get the idea of just what your album design will resemble.

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this. Really, we do!

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