Fantastic Wedding photos a at the House of Refuge.
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Fantastic Wedding photos a at the House of Refuge.

3/9/17: The wedding images of Jaime and Brandon. Taken at The House of Refuge in Stuart Florida, Florida.Photo Credit: Brad Barr,. Brads Creative Images Photography.

Not only do we capture people, but we love to include all sorts of scene setting shots and wedding detail images that help tell the story of your wedding day.

Here the couple had provided some cool signs to guide their guests to the ceremony site a few hundred feet down the beach here at the house of refuge museum. We captured those details with the landmark tower of the house of refuge in the background in such a way as to set the stage. Similar to film making techniques where the director will set the stage for the movie with a nice opening shot of the landscape thereby telling the viewers where and whats going on.

It's this cinematic style that we love to use to document your wedding day like no other company does.

From your table favors, seating charts, drinkware, to your bridal attire, and personalized items, we tell your story thru the details you provide for us to capture.

The great Walt Disney remarked:

"There are no small details"

We take capturing your wedding details very seriously. We realize that quite often you may have even produced these yourself. Even if you purchased them, a lot of time and emotional energy usually goes into picking out the perfect pieces. I’m sure you laughed about them, argued about which ones best fit your wedding theme, and ultimately tied that theme together. Kind of like that song from high school, that brings you back every time you hear it, these bridal details have that same ability. For that reason we always try to capture them in some artful way, and then assemble the best of them for use in your bridal album.

When we create your wedding album design, typically the very first two page spread is dedicated to paying homage to those very detail shots. Depending upon the wedding, there may be an additional spread later in the album dedicated to the reception details if the situation calls for it. To us, your wedding album should flow and tell the story of your day. As such, following the detail page, the order of events will follow the same order in the book as it occurred throughout your day.

Some of the major wedding day themes may be:

Bride getting ready usually 2-3 spreads

Brides portraits

Bride and the girls messing around

Groom getting ready

Grooms portraits

Grooms and the guys messing around

First Look

Down the aisle

Your Ceremony itself may be 2-5 spreads

Bride and Groom formals

Bridal Party Formals in various combinations

Brides side of the family formals

Grooms side of the family formals

Fun with the bridal party pix

Romantic portraits with the bride and groom, may be 2 -5 spreads

Reception details


First Dance

Parents dances


Cake cutting

Bouquet and Garter toss

Dancing and partying of course!

Closing dances

Exit and bon voyage!

As you can see that becomes a long list very quickly. Which is why we recommend adding as many pages to your album as you can so we can let your images have the real estate to do them justice in the album, and not make it too crammed so it ends up looking like a scrap book. (just kidding it would never do that) but you get the idea…some of the stronger images are best served by themselves while others can be combined quite naturaly for a very effective story telling album design. You may want to check out our Featured Weddings section. What you see there, is the actual wedding album page designs for those couples. That way you can really get the idea of just what your album design will resemble.

Kinda makes sense right?

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this. Really, we do!

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