Private Dance in Gazebo in Oil Painting like rendition.
Brad's Creative Images

Private Dance in Gazebo in Oil Painting like rendition.

September 25, 2014. This great wedding image was taken at Pietros on the River in Hutchinson Island, Florida.  With the full moon over the water in the background, we talked our couple into venturing out for some quick portrait shots. (which is harder to talk folks into than you'd think once the wedding reception is in full swing).

 We chose to uniquely light this portrait with hidden strobes inside the gazebo, which rendered them aglow, and really makes this wedding dance image one of our favorites of the year.   This rendition of the image has also been retouched to look like an oil painting.  By adding both texture and actual brush strokes, this type of embellishment, really transforms an already great wedding image, into an actual work of art, which beckons to be hung on the walls.  It's hanging on the walls of our bride and groom, and its also featured in our studio.

We can do this custom treatment (or several other options) to any wedding image, but some work better than others.  Giving a dreamy almost impressionist look to a wedding photo, really makes a great piece of wall art and a family treasure for decades to come.  Ask about making a watercolor or oil painting from your wedding photos taken by BCI Photo.  All images @ Brad Barr / Brads Creative Images

If you'd like unique wedding images like this from your big day, why not give us a call or even shoot us a text right now!  772-336-5798.  Text us anytime, and we'll get right back with you! (okay, if its middle of the night, we'll hit you back in the morning)

Location: Pietros on the River, Hutchinson Island Florida.