A Beach Engagement Session Portrait
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A Beach Engagement Session Portrait

This image, illustrates exceptional on location lighting, and instantly became one of their favorites (and mine).   Taken at The House of Refuge on Hutchinson Island, Florida.  Our couple pose as the sun sets behind them rendering the sky beautifully.  Our lighting softly illuminates their faces for dramatic affect, resulting in a classic engagement session image that will be treasured for ages.

While many photographers shoot using natural light, that often can not deliver the best results, as in this image, the sky is much brighter than their faces.  Had this been shot using solely natural light, the faces could be exposed correctly, but in doing so, all the detail and color of the sky would be lost.  Only by augmenting the existing light, can the light levels on the subjects be made to match the surrounding skies, allowing the viewers to "see" the scene in the image, in the same way they would had they been there.  Further, the use of light, by a skilled professional, also allows for control over shadow areas as well, which are just as important to the final image. This unique combination, can yield simply amazing portrait photograpy, and a look that is truly unique

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