Amazing Wedding Photos from {locaton} in Hutchinson Island Florida.
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Amazing Wedding Photos from {locaton} in Hutchinson Island Florida.

8/19/17: The wedding photos of Kristin and David. Taken at the Pietros on the River in Hutchinson Island, Florida..

his type of shot, simply can not be accomplished by using natural light alone.  The camera simply can not see as the human eye can, correctly exposing both the bright  sky behind and the beautiful wedding couple.  There is not enough dynamic range.  The only way to produce this shot so it matches the way your eye sees it, is to augment the existing natural light with our professional outdoor portrait lighting.  By carefully matching the exposure values of the bride and groom with those of the sky and background, now it appears just like we "saw" it with our own eyes. 

Folks ask all the time whats the biggest difference between photographers.  The answer is easy, its in the way we handle the light.  

Anyone can "take" a snapshot of a great scene in front of them.  That takes zero talent. However, only a few can create a true photograph.  George Eastman said that decades ago. (founder of Eastman Kodak)  And it still rings true today.  Brides should take a good hard look at the outdoor images of any photographer to be considered.  What do you see?  Blank white blown out skies?  No detail, the Ocean blown out?  Or all that correct but the subjects completely dark (you know like your iphone shots). Or....are they carefully lit such that you really might not even notice they have been lit?  Do they look like natural light...only better?  That's when you know you have it right.  when it looks like this one...natural only....better.

Kinda makes sense right?   

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.  Really, we do!

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