The Mansion at Tuckahoe

A Wedding at The Mansion at Tuckahoe
Certainly this venue has garnered much attention here on the Treasure Coast.  An absolutely stunning piece of real estate, located high on a bluff overlooking the intercoastal waterway in Jensen Beach.  The Mansion; is a historic house once owned by the heirs to the Coca Cola family, and later part if FIT’s now defunct Jensen Beach campus, all built on an Indian burial ground.  Once thought to be haunted, the newly restored mansion itself is a thing of beauty.  But remember, is was built to be a house, not a banquet facility, so there is no huge room to seat all your guests.  The patio is the best option for that, but again, that’s open to the elements unless you provide tenting.  Given good weather however, the patio is a wonderful place to be almost year round!  With an almost constant breeze off the river, its rarely too hot even in mid summer.   Tenting however is still highly recommended in the rainier months, and also in the cooler months, as the breeze will accentuate the lower temps.  Inside, there are literally dozens of rooms, and a cool basement which all afford many options for entertaining your crew.
Approx cost: 4500 before tenting.
You must provide your own catering and decorations. Facility owned and operated by the Martin County Parks and Rec Dept.

Here is an album of images from a recent wedding we shot there:

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