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Well, those 3 young lads above are the reason I work so hard. Of course they are my sons. We all love being outdoors and playing sports, which have been an integral part of my life since I was their age. Thats probably where I get my competitive fire too!! I hate to lose. And I will work tirelessly to ensure I don’t. Whether its on the golf course, the baseball diamond, or in the field covering a wedding, I want to be the best. That commitment to excellence is also something I try to instill in my boys. Settling for just being good enough; just isn’t good enough. Just the way I was brought up I guess. Anyway, hopefully some of that shines through in the images I shoot. One other component of my life is fun. If you dont enjoy what you do…then by God find something else to do. Life is too short. Thats should come through in my images as well, cause I really do love what I do.


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