Incredible Wedding at Willoughby Golf Club

Wow….so many superlatives get bounced around on blogs and social media. Mostly they are exaggerations for the most part. This wedding however, lives up to any such narrative you could imagine. There may not be any pinterest ideas that didnt make it into this event! My hats off….completely to Amber from ECP Events for helping pull off this extraordinary level of decor, and to Sarah from Sarandipity Floral, for going waaaaaay above and beyond the call of duty on the amazing florals and site decor. We’ve done dozens upon dozens of weddings at Willoughby, and never have we seen anything close to this. Equally magical was all the same level of decor done to essentially a vacant lot that was transformed into the ceremony location on the waterfront. We could easily have spent an hour at each location just on portraits using all the scenery! (but hey there was a reception to go to) hahahaha. Once we got back to Willoughby, where David and Christina had every detail attended to, the boys from Traxx Entertainment took over and delivered an incredible party for everyone to party too. You gotta check out the incredible cake that Cakes by Michelle created as well. Its like it has genuine Geodes growing inside! (Tasty ones too). Anyway check out all the pix below and share this with all your friends so they can see the magic as well.

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