BCI Photo adds 360* tours to Real Estate offerings

As most of you know we’ve been doing tons of Real Estate work these last few years. If you havent, or if you need a listing shot you can go here to our online booking portal and schedule your shoot: .

We are proud to introduce our newest service offering, 360* virtual tours. Now in addition to the great images, aerial coverages, video, and floor plan offerings, you can now enjoy incredible 360 walk thrus. We create a complete website for every listing for you as well as a full marketing kit all branded to you. Now, we’ve added the final component to give your seller maximum visibility with these new style 360 tours.

In fact, with our new system, YOU as a realtor can now LIVE CHAT with YOUR potential buyers (even out of towners) where you both are viewing the same screen as you walk, and talk….. them through the features of the house you care selling. Check out this one we did yesterday