Absolutely Sizzling Hot Trash the Dress Shoot at the House of Refuge

Words like “amazing”, or “stunning” get thrown around all the time, especially on Facebook and such.  Usually, they are gross overstatements no matter what they are describing.  Not today.  The session here lives up to all those adjectives and more.  This sort of session is always a riot to shoot, as there are no time pressures typical of a wedding day, nor nerves to ruin all the fun.  Trash the Dress sessions are totally all about fun!  This couple took that to the max!  AND>>>>they havent even tied the knot yet!  She found this dress at a consignment shop, and wow it worked out perfectly for this tumble in the surf sort of photo session. The weather was sketchy, with no really good light to work with, which for us is no problem, since we make our own luck so to speak, and we have plenty of “available light” with us at all times.  Anyway, if you want a fun session for yourself, you’ve got to do one of these!  Check out the amazing images we captured last night and picture yourself frolicking in the surf with your better half!  Call  us today to schedule yours!!

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