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BCI Photo's new Video Coverage

Many of you know us and realize this is a new twist for BCI. After years of not offering video services, we have now decided the time is right for us to add video to our repertoire. But, as you might expect we are going to offer it our way.

We are creating for you a fantastically shareable highlight film that touches all the bases from your big day, in an easy, fun to watch, easy to share format.

Watch our very first video here

We do our video services in the same non intrusive manner in which we do our still photography, so you can still call us the photo ninjas! Through almost 30 years of watching other videographers do things that made us cringe (Like standing between the grooms parents and the couple during a ceremony) yes...it's happened more than once, we bring our light handed approach to capturing video as well as stills. We can "get there" using the lens, and not have to put ourselves "in the way". This helps not only the guests view, but also our own photographers view as well, so it's a win win. Now, we can work as a team with the videographers instead of against them.

Not only that, but since we also have all the beautifully captured still images, we can add them to your video to create a true fusion film with great dramatic affect. So your video will be enhanced using these remarkable images that no other video company can match to create a stunning one of a kind film, that is the right length for people to watch and share with joy.

Product wise, we get it. People want to hear their vows...capture their first kiss, and relive their grand introductions and first dance moments. Most brides aren't looking to make a feature length movie out of their wedding. Great! Most brides tell us they love the idea of something they can share on social media with all their friends that hits all the highlights in a fun romantic way. Perfect! Thats exactly what we are going for as well. Now the best photo team on the planet will also bring you the video coverage your heart desires without a lot of fluff and extra stuff that most companies charge you thousands to produce. When you add BCI's video to your photo package you get the short highlight version thats easily sharable on all social media platforms and playable on virtually any device.

New for 2019 will be our new aerial drone coverages. Some exciting and innovative new ways to use the drone are in store, all without breaking the bank. Using the drone, affords for very dramatic introductions and scene setting vistas that you simply can not do from the ground. Now we can add these to your coverage in a couple of ways that no other company does. Call us today to discuss your big day plans, and how we can make the magic happen for you all at an amazingly affordable price.

There were basically three reasons for folks to not do video, and we've just fixed all of them. Affordable price, a nice fun, watchable length product, and far less intrusive capture methods, make our video the only choice.

Call us today to find out how to add video to your package!!

Below is a slideshow of still images. Coming soon, will be the combination of video clips, integrated with still images for a dynamic hybrid piece that combines the best of both worlds!!

Kinda makes sense right?

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this. Really, we do!

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