Why we dont do video

why we choose to not shoot video

At Brads Creative Images, we are well known as the best around for photography.  We kinda work our butts off to ensure that reputation remains in tact each and every week.   We "could" go add video pretty easily.  Fact is, we'd rather not.  Here's why.

First off, video is by nature a VERY INTRUSIVE method of capture.  Typically videographers are right "in your face", and usually with some version of a bright light hitting you in the face.  I surely wouldnt be comfortable under those conditions.  Often they set up right in the middle of everything with huge tripod rigs that block the guests from seeing YOU> No thanks.  Thats just totally opposite of our way of shooting.  We can get that "close shot" by using appropriate lenses.  We have not need, nor want to be "in your face".  We have been called "photo ninjas" quite often, and honestly we kinda embrace that title and wear it with pride.  We could not maintain that level of comfort with our clients if we added video.

Secondly, Its VERY time consuming on the back end. (editing).  Often taking a month or longer to get the clients the finished product.  Again, that runs polar opposite to our culture.  

Thirdly, we've learned through experience, that seldom if ever do people (ourselves included) take the time to actually watch videos. This has remained true from our wedding, to all the videos we shot of our children growing up.  We NEVER>>>>and i mean NEVER watch them.  So I can't in good conscience charge what it would cost do do one right, for something that simply isn't gonna get viewed.  The American public has a short attention span it seems.  Videos of less than 5 minutes are great, share them on facebook, instagram whatever.   Problem is, in order to get that snippet....you'd have to have the coverage for the full day, then have the company do all the editing to get it condensed to 3 minutes of watchable video.  That makes it a ridiculously expensive 3 minute video.

So, what to do?  

Here's an option, that works out pretty well.  There is merit to the notion of video of course.  Walking and talking, hearing the vows, the toasts etc.  But is that work a couple grand?  If your answer is no, then you might consider buying (or even renting) an HD camcorder.  For a few hundred bucks, you can buy one at Best Buy or Amazon.  Put it in the hands of one of your guests....that can be their "gift to you" for the wedding.  Then, when the wedding is over, you have the walking and talking video you wanted, AND<<<

A second option.   We are giving you the high res files right?  Use them.  These days you can create a very emotionally powerful slideshow simply by dragging your favorite images into the slideshow program of your choice, adding your favorite song (first dance song maybe?) And voila, for essentially nothing...you have just made a really great "video" of your wedding day! Here's one we made a few years ago.  See what you think?

Kinda makes sense right?   

How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this.  Really, we do!

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