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Specializing in premium level imagery to help you sell your property. No garish, fake looking HDR pictures here. We take the time to light the interiors so they look natural to the naked eye, and process our imagery in a way that looks REAL and inviting to all your buyers so they'll call you to go visit the property.

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From Real Estate to special events to roof or agricultural or other business inspections, we have you covered from above.

now officially faa certified and compliant to serve all of your aerial photography and video needs. Call us today to get started on your next aerial project.

BCI is the leading real estate photographer on the Treasure Coast. Using advanced lighting techniques that far exceed the results achieved from typical HDR real estate photography methods, which often result in garish oversaturated colors and unrealistic results. Our lighting renders true colors, with believable results that match what the human eye sees in the home. We can also do custom floor plans for real estate giving your buyers the easy to view layout of the home for sale. Our Aerial real estate photography leads the competition. Fastest real estate photography turnaround is our hallmark, typically delivering results the same day as the shoot. Our automated online real estate photography booking portal makes ordering photography for your real estate listing super simple and quick. No need to call and check availability as our google calendar is linked so in three clicks your photography is scheduled and booked for your property listing. We use the latest lighting methods which combine ambient light shots with strobed shots which render the colors correctly, eliminate ambient artifacts and shadows, color casts all disappear. None of which are eliminated using HDR for real estate. It just doesnt work and renders more color casts, muddy results, muted colors, and horrible window renditions. The ability to show the window in their natural appearing state is something we pride ourselves in. Not overly "cooked" as many do, but not blown out either. In short, it looks exactly like it appears standing in the room. TV screen replacements are another pet peeve of ours. It looks ridiculous to replace the tv screen with some outlandish beach scene that draws all the attention to the tv. We are not selling tv's. Instead, we simply replace the screen with a subtle gradient tone that allows the tv to simply blend into the background so the ROOM itself remains the focus for the viewers eye. So...get rid of distracting reflections yes. Replace them with colorful images that look fake? No...definitely not. Listing photography is an art, and we've raised the bar. Dont your real estate clients deserve the best?

Another thing to remember for your real estate clients. There are thousands of real estate agents out there fighting for the listings. YOUR brand, is worth the investment in professional real estate photography, every home, every time. It is your reputation and an easy selling point to a potential seller. Using our system, you can not only add professional real estate photography as one of your benefits, but lots more. We can create a complete marketing kit for your real estate listings. So now, you can tell the potential seller, We give you not only pro photography, but also your home will have its own website! Custom made (automatically generated btw) social media videos completel branded to you and your agency come along for the ride as well. They are totally branded to you and easily customizable to suit your needs. Just visit our real estate portal here:


Brads Creative images specializes in lighting. No matter the genre, you'll see BCI leads the way in elegant lighting for all occasions and all scenarios both indoors and out. Our lighting design scheme mimics the way the human eye sees and perceives any given scene, and delivers a much more natural appearing image to your viewers. This dynamic lighting on location sets not only us, but YOU apart from the crowd who are typically taking the easy (cheap) way out and displaying images that just dont look good, or natural to anyone. Our lighting makes the difference, whether for real estate, or for portraits and special events.

Let us put you (and your property) in the best "light" possible!

Call Brad today at 772-201-3684

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How will you remember your day?

Relax...we got this. Really, we do!

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